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Installing a DVD in your car

At one time, DVD players were found only in a few luxury cars. Now, they can be added to just any vehicle. There are different models of DVD players in the market, but they can be basically divided into three types – in-dash, headrest mounted and flip down. Each type has its own advantage, and some are easier to install than the others.

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The headrest mounted type of DVD player is the most popular. These are for the use of the backseat passengers, as one, or two screens are mounted on the rear of the front headrests. You have two options in this category – you can either buy a portable DVD player with one or more screens, and just attach it to the back of the headrests with the help of elastic or Velcro. The advantage of this option is that you can move these easily between vehicles, or use them elsewhere. The other option is to have the DVD player/screen built into the headrest. You can buy headrests for most car models with integrated LCD screens, designed to match your existing ones exactly. You lose on portability, but gain in looks, for the built-in units look much better.

The flip-down monitors are designed to be attached to your vehicle’s roof. Some of them have an integrated DVD player, but it has to be added separately on other models. These are quite challenging to install, and you may require professional help to install them. Some flip down type monitors can also be installed in the vehicle’s sun visors, but this option is not suitable in the case of large monitors.

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