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Information About Importing Cars From the USA To Cameroon

Purchasing cars directly from the USA and importing them to Cameroon has become much easier and also saves a lot on cost. If you’re aware of the paper works that are required to import cars along with the knowledge about shipping, then it will be much easier for you to bring your dream car home, from overseas.

Most of the time, people buy both the brand new and used cars with the help of the online auctioning websites, which may belong to those companies that are situated either in the same continent or in the other continents.

With the help of export service providers, these sold out cars will be sent to their respective owners along with the information about the date of arrival of the consignment. The owners must get an estimation regarding shipping of their vehicles from the shipping companies.

Some of the ports in Cameroon, where you can move your vehicle are: Bamenda, Garoua, Bafoussam, Yaounde and Douala. High import duty is levied on the cars that are shipped to Cameroon.

If the owners have any of their vehicles to be imported again, then these shipping companies will take care of the complete shipment of their vehicle.

Shipping of the vehicles to Cameroon from overseas is much easier if you are familiar with the customs regulation. You need to be aware about the custom duty rates and the necessary documentation works. Always consider the complete details about shipping to have a reasonably priced and problem-free importing of your cars.

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