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Import Cars in Austria is a Booming Business

If you are planning to export a used car from the USA to Austria, then you should be aware of the legal procedures to be followed. Before you start the procedures for transfer, it should be clear that Austrian government has some set of certificates which should be satisfied, only then they give access to register any car in Austria.

Regulations like noise level, indicators pattern, emission levels and lights are few things which should be in alignment to Austrian government. First contact the local officer in Austrian government to import cars and confirm whether the type of registration you are willing to do for your car is possible or not.

Certain documents that are mandatory for registration are mentioned below:

  • Copy of the purchase invoice of the vehicle.
  • All the vehicle documents like registration, tax payment etc.
  • Guarantors certificate for the vehicle
  • Manual for the car
  • License information of the Dealer

This license information will be valid in Austria based on the validity of the same in the USA. Once these are in order, the documents should be submitted to the local Austrian authority for the registration.

Make sure that custom duty is paid and an export certificate has been taken from the USA customs. Once the car reaches Austria, there are certain steps to be fulfilled before the final registration takes place. This total process of registration from the Austrian government is nominal and will cost no more than 150 Euros which is pretty reasonable.

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