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Import Cars To Senegal From The United States

The Senegal Government has restriction for the car importers. If you are looking to import cars from the USA, then there are few rules and regulations which have to be followed. First and foremost rule is that the car you import must be lesser than 5years. So before you import cars, you need to be aware of the car’s age.

Prior to the process of Importing, the right documents are very much necessary. Check with the dealers who export cars from the USA, whether they will provide you a twofold Customer Invoice. The invoice must be in French Language. It must include the name of the exporter, name of the consignees along with the address. Complete description of the car along with the terms and conditions has to be clearly mentioned.

The exporter or seller has to stamp and sign on the following written clause which when translated in English states, “We certify that the goods enumerated in this invoice are manufactured and the Federal Republic of Germany and the prices quoted above are consistent with the current prices on the export market”.

You must also hold bill of Lading to get approval for import duty. Though you are ready with all the above documents specified, you can’t escape from custom duty. Senegal Government came up with the new tariff plan in the year 2000.

This is been approved by the member nations of WAEMU. According to this new tariff scheme, 20% of custom duty is accountable for the cars you import from Foreign Countries. This is not end of the list, as it also includes a maximum rate of 52% and VAT of 18% irrespective of what you import.

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