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Import Cars Duty Free in Bulgaria

A car can be temporarily imported and used on the roads of Bulgaria for not more than six months. A foreign imported car can only be used by a person who has a written permission, by the government of the country.

The citizens of Bulgaria can import a used car duty free, if the person has owed the car for a period of more than six months and the car has been driven more than 6,000 kilometers. People who are not citizens of Bulgaria have to pay import duty on the car.

An eco tax (environment tax) is to be paid on each vehicle imported, from outside the country. The amount of tax depends on the age of the car.

Many people import cars without referring to the rules and regulations of automobiles. The imported cars have to undergo a technical test, before they are given permission to be used in Bulgaria. After the test, the owner is handed over with the registration number of the car and the registration documents. The owner is not allowed to sell the car in the first year of registration.

The export duty is to be paid to the American government at the time of exporting the car. The only method to export car to Bulgaria is through shipment.

Many shipment companies export cars to Bulgaria from the USA on daily basis. You can get cheap deals with such exporters.

In Bulgaria importance is given to the performance test and insurance of the vehicle. One should always carry important documents while using a car.

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