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Import Car To Finland: Rules And Regulations

In Finland, tax is reduced only for those vehicles which are imported as the personal removal goods and the total value of these goods should not exceed 13450 Euros. If the tax for the car which is being imported as part of the removal goods is more than this amount, then the balance sum of the tax has to be paid fully.

There are certain conditions which can help in reduction of the tax and is valid for only those vehicles which are part of removal goods. Firstly, the owner of the vehicle should have stayed abroad for an incessant time of not less than one year before he or she moves back to Finland.

Secondly, only the real owner of the vehicle can import the vehicle. In any other condition, spouse is also eligible for importing cars to Finland. There is also a clause where a person who is not moving out for six months from Finland is eligible to import cars by paying all the custom duty.

Also if an individual has imported any vehicle to Finland which is not eligible for tax, then until and unless his period for non payment of tax is expired he or she cannot import cars to Finland.

Any individual who is 18 or less than that at the time of the shipment of the vehicle or individuals who have stayed in Finland but are studying abroad for a period of one year, prior to their arrival in the country are not allowed to import vehicles as part of removal goods.

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