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A Hybrid Buying Guide for the Newbie

Currently, hybrid cars comprise a small percentage of the overall U.S car market. However, fuel-efficiency, and environmental concerns are getting car buyers to think about these cars. Though these cars are expensive and carry high insurance cost, they are more economic fuel wise, and the credits by the Government, such as “carpool lane usage” are reasons good enough to buy them.

Options available to hybrid car buyers have increased in 2010 in terms of brands and style of the body. The new ‘federal fuel economy’ directive are pushing auto-makers to manufacture cars that are more consumer-friendly and sportier.


The Toyota Prius is the leader in terms of fuel efficiency. The latest design of 2010 provides a huge cargo capacity, and an interior that is flexible.

In terms of price, it is Honda that is most attractive. The Honda Insight is the least expensive hybrid out of all cars. This hatchback is available at $20,000 and has a fuel efficiency of 41mpg. Although it hasn’t surpassed Prius, it is an excellent buy for buyers who are conscious about budget and environment.

The latest Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan are also quite popular among car buyers with its spacious interior, excellent fuel economy and driving dynamics. The Ford Fusion’s technical function called Sync, which is a voice based service that connects music, text communication and cell phone together, is quite popular with technology connoisseurs.

‘Toyota Camry’ and Nissan Altima have come out with their Hybrid versions for 2010. The Camry being slightly more expensive than the ‘gas-only version is more economical while the Altima is sportier and fun to drive. Both have seating capacity of five and very good scores of crash test.

The Chevrolet Malibu is another affordable hybrid. This is branded as ‘mild hybrid’ as its electric motors are smaller. Hence it is only slightly better than its gas-only version in terms of fuel economy.

2010 also marks the entry of Mercedes Benz’s hybrid version S400. Its fuel consumption is 30mpg and is hence quite fuel efficient.


The hybrids in SUVs launched this year have done away with the ‘gas guzzling’ issue which SUVs are generally infamous for. All those who look for the hauling abilities in these cars can breathe a sigh of relief.

The ‘front wheel drive’ versions of the Ford Escape, The Mazda Tribute and The Mercury Mariner provide excellent fuel economy. Their hybrid setup is designed by Toyota. They are apt for car buyers who want a higher cargo space and a conventional look.

Toyota launched its midsize SUV, Highlander hybrid. It has a seating capacity of seven, A-grade interior design and is available for $35000. Though the fuel economy isn’t that great, it makes for a good family car.

If you are looking for an up market midsized SUV, you can go for the Lexus RX 450h. Though the seating capacity is only 5, this car which comes in two versions – FWD and AWD provides the best fuel efficiency.

The Escalade launched by Cadillac is the biggest and most luxurious hybrid SUV. The price starts from $73,425 and offers sumptuous driving experience and superior interior. The rear-wheel drive model provides fuel efficiency of 20 mpg.


Most pickup trucks have very heavy frame but very poor pickup, and have a thirst for fuel. Hence, the two power train hybrids – Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 will be good offerings for contractors who are looking for better fuel efficiency. These trucks have the capacity to drive up till 29 mph in electric mode. Their overall feasibility against gas-only version is though slightly questionable.

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