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How to Import Used Cars from USA to Nigeria

All of us have heard a lot about the American car industry. Good mileage, unique design, effective handling are some of the qualities of these Cars. You can buy the best models and get it imported from America if you do not want to get stuck with the basic models offered in your country. American cars have good track record to prove its real worth.

If you're looking for used cars from USA market, you need to do some study before purchasing the vehicle. What is important is the importation process. Years back, importing US Car to Nigeria was complicated and costly. However, in the course of time, things have become quite easy. Here are few steps for importing car from the US to Nigeria:

Steps for importing used cars from USA market

  1. First and foremost thing you need to ensure that the vehicle you want to buy is listed as permissible by the Registrar of Imported Vehicles as per US Imported car policy. Majority of modern cars are included in the list.
  2. Do little bit of research on the car's VIN number. Some sellers offer the Carfax or Carproof document. If it isn't, you can purchase the car after you have the VIN number.
  3. Once you have the complete history of the vehicle you want to buy, check if the vehicle is under insurance cover and if the car is not an accident salvage car
  4. You have to pay the charges for the RIV if you are importing your car through the US border
  5. You also need to pay $100 for AC excise tax and a green levy tax from $1000 to $4000 on your car if it is considered to be fuel inefficient

A car broker can be hired for the entire importation process.

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