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How to Get a US car to Romania

Buying a US car in Romania has become easier beyond imagination. Even, shipping from US to Romania is only an arrangement of a few seconds. There are a number of organizations that deal with the shipping of a purchased car from US to Romania. So, after you have bought a US car, now it is the responsibility of the shipping agencies to make sure that you get your car is delivered in front of your gate unhurt and intact.

The process is easier said than done. But you, being on the receiving end need not worry about the complicacies. There are a number of rules and regulations for the shipping. Once you leave the job with the shipping agency, they will handle it all on your behalf. To get the most trusted organizations that will arrange for hassle free shipping, you can come to websites like and choose the service that you think will best suit you.

Importing a car from US to Romania is subject to a number of taxes. If you are importing the car on a temporary basis, it can be exempted from the taxes. The buyer has to produce the original invoice of the car and the original documents of ownership, technical specifications. The Vehicle Identification Number is also required. If you are buying a new US car with an engine smaller than 1800 cubic cm, you have to pay 30% of tax. If the engine size is bigger than the specified, the duty will go up to 50%. Apart from this, VAT of 22% has to be paid. Temporary import is allowed to customers who will be living in Romania for a small span of time. If you are buying a US used car, there are similar taxes.

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