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How Car from USA Can be Exported

If you are interested in having an exported car from USA, then you’ll need to provide an ownership proof, which is considered as a title certificate. For exporting the chosen model by land, you’ll need to submit certificate 3 days prior to the date of exporting the car. It is quite obvious that the delivered car will be inspected by customs.

For exporting car from USA by air or ship, you must present all the necessary documents to customs department within 72 hours of the deal. Car will be exported once the approval has been received from the Customs Department after their thorough inspection. All your documents will need to be stamped, in order to get your hands on your delivery.

You must have the original ownership document or a certified copy with you while releasing your car from the customs. Automobiles that are loaded, or lien or leased cars will require some specific certificates of authorization to leave the USA.

For new cars, only a statement of origin from the manufacturer is required as a title document. It can also be received from the dealer of the car. You have to submit the original documents with two photocopies to Custom authorities.

There may be many old or used or foreign made cars, for which there may not be any title certificate available and neither the statement of manufacturer is required. For these cars, right of possession, sale invoice or a sale bill or any other document is enough to prove the lawful ownership of the car.

Additionally, the owner also has to certify to the customs department that the procurement is authentic transaction & the delivered car is not a stolen car. This authentication also needs to be submitted with originals and two photocopies.

You have to clarify with the Custom authorities about the certificate of ownership for which the title is not available. Most of the used cars sold in USA are always accompanied by either original title or certified copy to prove the ownership.

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