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Guidance to Export Cars from the USA to Tajikistan

If you want to export a used car from the USA to Tajikistan then there are certain export rules and regulations which need to be followed. Firstly the ownership proof has to be represented to the custom authorities, attached with two attested copies of the same.

If the car is going through shipment, then the same documents have to be submitted three days prior to the shipment. The day when car is being exported, ownership proof has to be presented again to the customs to prove that the owner has agreed to export car outside the country.

Export of the cars is generally done through New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Seattle and Chicago. These are the gateway ports where all the cargo departure happens.

Once all the documents are in the proper order then the custom officials will certify on the documents and will give the approval to export cars. There are many companies available online who are professional exporters and importers for the same. You just need to give a call and the destination from where the car has to be picked up and leave the rest on them.

These professional service providers are well known in the market and they take good care of your vehicle and they make sure that the car doesn’t get damaged from any side.

In Tajikistan, a person is eligible to import cars only once in 2 years that is, after 700 days of the original billing. Hence, you need to be assured that all the security measures are met before importing anything to Tajikistan to avoid any legal restrictions.

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