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Ford Middle East improves its figures to positive in 2009

Ford Middle East, registered an improvement of US$17.5 billion from 2008, controlled in part by positive overall pricing, functional cost controls, net profit on deficit decline actions and healthy Credit results. Ford, one of the biggest car manufacturers of US, did not opt for a government bailout last year.

Ford earned its first net profit in 2009 for whole year after 2005, and a $17.5 billion increase over 2008. The company forecasts pre-tax profits for 2010 excluding extra ordinary for North America, automotive segment and entire company. Positive Automobile operating cash flow will help in making the entire company profitable.

The two models of the company Transit Connect and Ford Fusion Hybrid, won best truck and best car titles for 2010 in the recent North America International Motorshow It launched its in-vehicle connectivity program, which set the standard in human machine technologies ally.

In 2009, the company outperformed the competition in the bigger regional markets. According to Larry Prein, managing director, Ford Middle East, sales of its three brands, Mercury, Lincoln and Ford surpassed the industry average in the region in excess of 10%. In contrast, the industry average has declined by 17% in the same period. The company has carried the momentum and made a positive start in 2010.

Larry also believes that the remarkable increase in market share in the previous year, inspite of the adverse market conditions, has been possible due to a combination of new models and their dedicated dealer network. Prein has managed Ford's business across 24 countries in Central America and Caribbean region. He has voluminous experience of managing international business and has held key positions in the company in Australia, Asia Pacific, Mazda Japan based in Hiroshima, as well as in the United States at Jaguar Cars, Mercury, Lincoln and Ford Divisions.

He strongly believes that their ONE Ford program has been fruitful, giving world’s best products and technologies. Today, one of the finest quality products in the car segment comes from Ford, thus becoming a market leader in setting trends.

During the last year, Ford's turnover grew quarter over quarter, having registered nearly 15 percent growth in second quarter above first quarter, and a further 10 percent growth in third quarter above second quarter, while keeping the pace in the last quarter. The approach towards 2010 remains upbeat due to systematic network development in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and UAE along with robust product range.

Ford's plans to launch five new models in Middle East, the new desert, with powerful engine capacity of 6.2 L, 400hp, 2010 Taurus, F-150 SVT Raptor, are the hot probables. Mustang with 5.0L V8 and moderate and efficient V6, with its 305 hp 3.7L capacity will lead the new launches in 2011.

2010 will be a significant year for the company in the region as they are going to drive the key initiatives with their dealers. Strong dealer network working together to grow the clientele and global products will help brand achieve its new heights this year, feels Larry Prein, the new Managing Director.

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