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Few Tips To Import Used Cars From the USA To Argentina

USA has become quite famous these days for exporting used cars to various nations all around the world. The automobile companies that are found in the American countries are well known as they use the latest models of motors and engines. The outlets in the country feature the best selling global brands. Due to these aspects export cars from the US is quite popular in other countries.

Importing of the used cars from the USA is quite difficult task since you find a couple of exemptions in Argentina such as

  • You can import cars only under the following two possibilities. The first one is that the owners are those Argentineans who are returning to their home after staying minimum of one calendar year in the USA and the second one is that the owners are foreigners.
  • There is a ban on the entry of such cars that are either under the case of diplomacy or in the case of disabled. New cars can be easily imported without any necessity of representation or delegation to Argentina.
  • Those cars that have been imported will be priced according the values in the “Value Table”, where you can find fixed prices for such cars that are distinguished according to the year of manufacture, model and the working condition.

An approximate tax of about 90% of the cars’ total value cost will be applied since the imported used cars from the USA will be considered as the unaccompanied baggage. This tax amount will be included with insurance and freight amount.

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