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Few Helpful Tips For Importing The Used Cars To Jamaica

We all know that the cars are exported and imported all around the globe. The cars that are manufactured in the USA are being exported to many countries because of their never ending demand all over the world.

While importing the used cars from the USA to Jamaica, the owners should be well aware of the rules and regulations of this government such as:

  • The individual residents such as both the residents and non-residents of this country can import two motor vehicles, one motorcar and the other one light commercial vehicle. The gap between importing the vehicles from the same owner should be a minimum of three years.
  • Non-Jamaicans who wish to import cars from other countries must show the proof of immigration status such as Work Permit, to the government. The residents of this country can import their cars personally if they are approved by the Trade Board with an ownership of minimum of 6 months.
  • The owners should produce the following documents such as Import License, Deregistration Certificate, Bill of Lading, Invoice(s), Bill of Sight, Tax Compliance Certificate, Taxpayer Registration Number, Import Entry C78 and valid Passport and Driver’s License.

The cars that are imported from the USA to Jamaica will be subjected to the import duty of about 10 to 40% of the total amount of the cars that are imported. This will be included along with freight charges if the cars are imported through shipping.

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