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Exporting cars online from USA to Nigeria

What was impossible couple of years ago is possible today – cars can be exported from USA to any part of the globe with the help of the Internet. Sitting in Nigeria? Just by clicking on portals like , dealing with cars, your dream of owning a car made in USA will come true – just register, pay and voila it’s done!

On sites like auctionexport you can view and choose latest as well as old Acura models like CL, MDX, TL, SLX, TSX, Integra, RSX, RDX, Legend, MDX, RL, NSX etc. Unlike local showrooms there are unlimited options to choose from each type. The range in prices varies according to special features and modifications. It is the buyer who will decide the final price since the cars are auctioned on the web. Strict auction rules are followed. After registering the required money has to be deposited prior to bidding. All this is done online – in the safety, comport and privacy of your home in Nigeria. The delivery charges are negligible – the exact amount varying according to the number of cars bought and the location of where the car is kept at sale time.

It is possible to get comprehensive details about the cars on the net. The transportation mode is simple, efficient, reliable and fast. All that you will have to do is to click and click!

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