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Exporting a car to Czech Republic from the US made easy

Every country has its own customs duty and regulations regarding the transfer of cars into it. In Czech Republic, there are many rules which are made by the Customs Duty. The Common Customs Tariff is usually followed if cars are transferred across external borders of the EU. The rates depend on the places from where the cars are being transferred. It also depends on their economic sensitivity.

The rates of goods are divided into different categories that are commonly known as nomenclatures. The rates depend on what the goods are and from where they are coming. Sometimes it is seen that certain countries have treaties signed with other countries and thus have a different rate. The nomenclatures are a collection of laws and they do not have a single law in it. Common tariff duties are applicable on all goods being transferred in the European Union.

However, in certain circumstances, the taxation is not acceptable. Like if you are moving back into your own country. There are temporary and non temporary suspensions as well. They are sometimes granted to raw materials, partially finished goods and things that are not available in EU. Most of the Custom duty and Value Added Tax are shown as a percentage of the value of the goods.

Some standard rules are set for calculating the goods’ value and are also used to find out the custom duty as well. The EU accepts the internationally followed concept called customs value. The value of goods is counted as one of the elements of taxation. The entire procedure of exporting your car to Czech is easily handled by, who have been into this business since a long time and know how to handle all the legalities regarding it!

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