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Exporting a car from the US to Morocco

There are certain car shipping companies and online auction companies like who transfer cars to morocco at quite reasonable quotes. It is very essential for any person to know the rules and regulations for shipment of cars to morocco. For example there are some restrictions in some places to import Japanese model cars as they have a right hand drive.

If you know the rules and regulations properly, then you can ship a car safely and simply. For shipping a car it is essential to have the following documents. First, the letter of authority from South African Bureau of Standards and a permit for import from ITSE. This enables a person to complete a valid car shipment process. It is a must to pay import duties. If you are opting for permanent residence in Morocco and have valid documents regarding with this, you can avail duty free option.

The customs duty depends on the age of the shipped car. In addition there is a value added tax that you have to pay. The customs duty is thirty six percent in general and if the car is more than twenty years old, then the percentage comes down to twenty. There is an Ad valorem customs duty which depends on the value of your car, minimum is 0.75 percent and maximum is twenty percent. In addition to that there is a fourteen percent value added tax. If you don’t have the actual purchase invoice, then you will have to take three written valuations from the dealer.

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