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Export of Cars from the US to Guatemala

The Central American country Guatemala is a mountainous country with small deserts and hilly valleys. It is one of the countries where you find export cars from the US. There are many new and used car dealers in the country who arrange import cars from the US and other foreign countries.

We know that importing vehicles from foreign countries is always expensive and problematic. Like many other countries, Guatemala also has its own rules and regulations for importing vehicles from other countries. Since it is complicated and costly to import vehicles, you have to consider many things so that you can obtain your car without any problems.

You have to look through all the details like duty rates, customs regulations and other required documents if you are planning to import cars to Guatemala from the US. For the purpose, you have to furnish proof of ownership or car title to the authority. You are also required to submit original airway bill or Bill of lading, valid passport of the owner and the invoice that shows its CIF value.

There are import duty and taxes levied to all the vehicles imported to the country of Guatemala. Vehicles are examined by officials of Customs in order to verify the vehicle data furnished by the importers like the model, make, engine and serial numbers. It takes at least two weeks for the clearance of the imported motor vehicles in Guatemala.

You have to pay a 10% import duty for all the vehicles like household cars and pickup trucks and a 12% VAT. For luxury cars, the VAT rates will be higher and it can vary depending on the model of the cars. Custom duty of the vehicles depends on the CIF value of the imported vehicles.

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