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Exporting used cars to Panama is a bit expensive procedure. To export cars from the USA to Panama, you have to hire a container, which costs more, but it provides you excellent services like transporting your vehicle carefully and securely to your country. Hence, the cost is justified.

It is not legal to import cars unless you own the car with a clear title. A simple registration in the name of the owner is not adequate. If a car is leased or financed, you cannot import it. The owner should have a transfer certificate from previous owner in case of used cars.

Custom duty in the form of tax is levied to every car imported to Panama. It is possible to know the amount to be paid by contacting the custom broker. The custom duty for used cars is 20% of the blue book value. A Pensionado can avail a duty free car every 2 years.

The import duty on cars in USA is 10% of the actual price of the car plus 20% VAT. You can try to cut short the shipping prices through dealers, as some shipping companies export cars regularly and offers you a good service.

Importing cars to Panama from the USA is easy. If you are a Pensionado or a retired person you can get duty free services. Before importing the cars to Panama, the importer should always check that he/she is eligible for importing the car. If they are not eligible the car is kept in the custody of the officials till the person gets a clear title for the car.

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