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Learn How to Export Cars to Germany

If you are preparing to export your car to Germany then keep at least four weeks in hand because that’s the usual time taken by ships to transport cars. Besides, the safe arrival of the vehicle also depends on the various steps that need to be taken. Car shipping to Germany is comparatively easier because you do not require any legal permits or authorization in order to bring the car into the country. Cars that reach the German port are either carried off the ship by loading containers or are simply driven off the ship. Though there are no hassles regarding permits, the car has to be registered once it enters the country. Along with the registration a vehicle tax also needs to be paid.

There are more rules connected to vehicles once they cross the borders. If you plan to stay on in Germany for more than a year then you ought to get the driver’s license that is issued by the German Motor vehicles authority. When shipping your vehicle to Germany remember to bear the duties levied on imported cars, the freight charge, the car insurance fee, and VAT, which is the value added tax too. There is a relaxation for people who plan to reside in German. For these people the car is considered a household item and the vehicle becomes tax fee.

In order to have your vehicle transported contact either a moving car exporter with considerable renown or the agent who handles vehicle transportation, called the freight forwarder. Have a detailed talk regarding the care of the vehicle. Avoid the broker and talk directly with the forwarder instead. However, it is better to let the moving company deal with your car because they will definitely care for your car better and can help you with the paper work too. The agent also fills you in with the right information regarding car export rules and helps you preserve your car in a secured place until the shipment time arrives.

It is the responsibility of the car exporter to carry the car into the ship and to reach it to its destination from the port. However, you can drive the car to and off the port on your own to save extra expenditure.

Before you move your car out of the ship and port make sure that you carry all the essential papers with you. The keys for the car, registration paper, the document containing the change of title are some of the essentials to be collected along with the car.

Even thought the transport companies will not be interested in providing insurance for car export, you should make it a point to get it done so that it will cover up the repair cost in case of any damage.

Before the transportation of your vehicle make sure that you remove all the personal items in it including certain expensive attachments. Take special care of your batteries so that the fluid in them may not freeze while moving through a cold stretch. Don’t forget to switch off the alarm, check that the wheels are working well and that the gas tank is not full.

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