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Export Cars from the US to Croatia

Croatia is a European country with beautiful landscape and overlap of different cultures. Being a perfect holiday destination, many people visit Croatia each year. There are over 1500 islands situated along the stunning coast of Croatia that attract plenty of tourists.

Many residents and visitors of the country import cars from the US for their personal use. There are several rules and regulations for importing the vehicles into the country.

Foreign Nationals who wish to import cars into Croatia must pay import duty if they are not intending to take residence. Besides custom duty, they have to pay Troscarina costs as well for importing the vehicles to Croatia. If you are a Croatian citizen returning to home country, you need to present your visa or any other documents which show that you have lived abroad for more than three years and hence can import the vehicles.

Various duties and taxes are calculated on the age and engine size of the vehicle and its current value. You can approach various car dealers who are handling export cars from the US. It is advisable to do some research to know more about the rules and regulations for importing the vehicles in Croatia.

Importing vehicles to Croatia is difficult and expensive. There are many sites who can handle the export of cars from the US. These trustworthy and renowned agents can deliver cars at your doorstep without any hassles. You can also approach them for the import of used cars into Croatia.

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