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Export Cars from the US to Bahrain

US made cars and used cars are popular in Bahrain for its trustworthiness and high quality. There are many car dealers and online car portal sites, which handle export cars from the US to Bahrain.

People who would like to import cars from the US can approach any of the exporters in the US. There are thousands of used cars exporters available in the country where you can buy high quality used cars at inexpensive prices.

People who are planning to buy used or new cars from the US may be eager to know the procedures and import duty for the import of vehicles to Bahrain. You can find many people in Bahrain prefer to buy used cars from the US for their personal use even though it is expensive.

If you import vehicles that are manufactured in the America directly, then those cars are exempted from the custom duty. If there is an authentic reconciliation, then there are chances of getting exemption for these vehicles which are almost equal to the invoice price of them. If the vehicles that are manufactured on or before the year 1998, you will get duty exemption if you are a resident of Bahrain.

Duties are collected by the authorized people for the imported vehicles based on the valuation price or the invoice value. You are required to obtain an authorization certificate from the General Directorate of Traffic if the imported vehicle is a two-wheel motorcycle or a four- wheel tractor. Import duty is applicable to all vehicles that are imported to Bahrain.

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