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Export Cars From The United States To Philippines

To import cars from the United States to Philippines is pricey and difficult task. Firstly, you need to be a Filipino, who should have a working or residence permit. Those who hold 13G or else 13A Visas are eligible to bring in a used vehicle. 13G is a kind of visa issued to an individual who is a local citizen and 13A is issued to a person who has married a local citizen of the country.

People who are staying abroad, or who are working and are away from home for not more than one year are entitled to import cars from the United States. Vehicle registration should be done in the name of the importer and the process of registration should have been completed at least 6 months before submitting the application to the Bureau of Import Services - BIS

There are application forms available at the local transport department for the transfer of documents and need to be filled legibly and completely. These forms are available online too, on the BIS website. It is mandatory to fill and process this form prior to importing.

The other documents required are:

Two copies of the passport, car title and original registration documents, the individuals work permit or residence proof and the authenticated copies of the new and old passports. There is certain amount of fee charged for the whole procedure which is around Php 1500.

If all the documents are submitted along with the custom duty, then it just takes 3 days to complete the processing.

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