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Export Car from USA – Required Steps

The primary requirement to export car from USA, is that you should have the proof of ownership of the car. The other name of this proof is called title certificate.

There are number of ways you can export car from USA. The first method is through land and you must be ready with all your papers before 3 days of exporting your car. The custom official will make the necessary inspection of the vehicle.

The other alternatives in exporting the vehicle are through ship or by air. In either case you will need the proper approval from the custom officials. They will put their seal after the approval. You must carry the title document in original or with a certified copy. Both are acceptable for this purpose.

If the car has been acquired by other means, then it must have the necessary certifications which are acceptable to custom authorities. For a new car, it is not a big issue, as you can always obtain their statement of origin from either the manufacturer of the car or the car dealer can arrange for that.

Always deposit the original along with 2 copies. If the car is old or used car then you should arrange for their valid papers which should be considered by the custom officials. There are many ways these certificates can be arranged and the same must be submitted with two copies.

The owner also needs to submit the certificate that the car has been purchased for actual use and it is not a burgled car.

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