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Custom duty on car import to South Korea from the US

Korea has a unique history of applying legal ban on all imported cars because it was furiously trying to build its own auto industry. A few years back, these outright bans were dropped but certain non-tariff barriers continue to remain effective up to a certain level. For all those who want to import their cars to South Korea that too from the USA can end up landing in a very expensive and at the same time difficult affair. To make your car import reasonable as well as hassle-free, it is better to know certain details much prior to the whole process. These details necessarily include the duty rates, custom regulations and certain important documents needed for the car import.

There is a need to pay duty on almost every car irrespective of the fact whether it is used or new. The cars that are foreign made cannot be transferred or sold to anybody for a minimum period of three years. The cars manufactured in Japan are simply not allowed to be imported inside South Korea. The essential documents required for the import include original registration certificate of the car, passport, customs declaration, insurance policy, original purchase receipt or invoice of the car that certifies the purchase amount and title of the car. For all those who are visiting South Korea for work purpose also needs to carry the work permit along while importing the car. The car even needs to be listed on the inventory that contains all technical specifications of the car like the make, model, year, plate number etc.

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