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Custom duty on car import to Bulgaria from the US

While you are planning to import a car to Bulgaria particularly from country like USA there are certain essential things you need to know. If the import is on a temporary basis your private car can ply on the Bulgarian roads for a maximum of six months provided that the car owns a minimum third party insurance policy. A car which has a foreign registration can only be used by the owner or somebody who possesses a written permit from the owner only for a limited purpose and limited time period. For instance, a mechanic can keep the car in the garage for repairing purpose upto a certain time.

All the cars that are being imported to Bulgaria need to meet all the requirements of the Road Traffic Act, the implementing regulations of the Act and of course the Bulgarian State Standards. Anybody who is moving down to Bulgaria on a permanent basis with a new or used car from USA possessing a foreign registration should first contact the local Road Traffic Office to know the details of the registration process. Once the person gets the citizenship of Bulgaria the car needs to be registered on Bulgarian Registration Plates. Since USA is not a part of the European Union/ European Economic Area the cars being imported from USA need to pay the required import duty.

The imported car owners generally need to show certain important documents at local Road Traffic Office to register their car in Bulgaria. These documents include an identity proof, a residential proof or employment contract, original receipt or bill of sale, a valid roadworthiness certificate, proof of custom duty payment, and vehicle registration document to name a few.

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