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Custom Duty and Import Duty on Car Imports in Brazil

Any individual or a company can import car from the USA. However, the problem arises when it comes to the billing of the car. If the car is used before then its bit tough to import in Brazil, as there are special rules to follow in such cases. The car has to be more than 30 years old if it needs to be imported and if it’s new then there is no problem at all.

So it’s necessary to verify the car to know whether it can be considered new or not. Importing a car in Brazil is bit costly compared to the other countries. There are different agencies which operate as per the type of car you are using for example: Bullet-proofs cars are managed by Comando do Exército. Ambulances come under Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária.

SISCOMEX is the authority in the Brazil controlling foreign trading payments. Submit your personal documents to the same. They mainly put stress on your income tax filing. Within 30 days of the submission you get the authorization from them to import cars.

Once all is done, then you can buy the car from the external exporter. Performa invoice should be sent containing all the details and payment is made based on what is mentioned in the invoice.

Once invoice in hand, IBAMA is the authority to issue certificate stating the car meets all the standard requirements and is eligible to import car. CAT certificate needs to be attained after paying custom duty finally while importing.

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