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Import of used car is not generally allowed in China. If you want to import a used car from US to China, you will have to get special permission from the competent authority.

The import levy is almost 30% plus and the value added tax is about 17%. Primarily these are the provisions of tax that the importer has to pay. Import customs duty is about 25% of the CIF value. VAT is 17% of the CIF value added to the import customs duty. Consumption tax of 20% is also there. Yet there can be more other taxes depending on the import and the place from where it is being imported.

As in other countries, in China too, there are a number of technical specifications. More so, as the import is from US the make of the car will be very different from that of the need of an Asian country. So pre shipment inspection is a must while importing a car from US to China. A number of documents are also needed to be produced. Right hand driven cars are also not generally allowed to run on the roads of China.

Used vehicles are strict no-no in China. But provided some circumstances, these can be allowed. These circumstances would include the case of any foreign diplomats working in the mainland. If they want to bring their used cars from their own place, that will be permitted. Returning students, persons who have resident permit are also allowed to import their used cars in China. For luxurious and rare models too, the government is considerate enough.

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