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Car exporting from USA to Tunisia: Information in a Nut Shell

Moving your car overseas is not a big deal these days. If you can meet the specific rules posed by the government of Tunisia then the shipment of your vehicle is rather simple and effortless. Tunisian government follows strict rules in importing and exporting the vehicles from the USA and other Countries. So take intense care while choosing the car export companies for obtaining cars from the US.

Through search engines, find out the cost of shipping your vehicle from the USA to your home town. You can get this estimation by just filling the forms at the best automobile export companies.

After getting the quotation regarding the shipping price, one should meet the vehicle import regulations in Tunisia. They are as follows.

There is a mandatory requirement of customer’s presence at customs clearance. To obtain the export cars from the USA, they have to undergo an inspection by the customs department.

All the shipment is thoroughly scrutinized to meet their demands and once cleared, the vehicles will be allowed to go through the further process. Only one shipment is allowed at a time, and the second shipment will be considered only if the arrival is within a span of six months of residence permit.

Any car that has to be imported from the USA to Tunisia should be accompanied with import duty and specific taxes stipulated by the government. Car dealers who import cars to Tunisia should provide proper invoice, list of packing and lading bill for all the shipments.

According to the customs value agreement, there is a prohibition of using arbitrary or fictitious customs valuation, so ensure that the customs duty is paid to the customs department of the USA.

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