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Car export Nigeria: A few things you need to know

There are a few essential things you must know about car export Nigeria. Exporting a car from USA to Nigeria has certainly got easier and faster, due to improvement in technology, transport & telecom. But there are various rules & regulations which you must abide by. The custom authorities wonӴ allow your car or any other goods to be shipped across the ocean until you have answered to their queries by furnishing all the relevant papers. Since there are regulations which are way beyond the comprehension of a layman, it is always recommended to seek help of a professional.

A professional car dealer would surely take your affair into his ambit. He would not just help you in selecting the right car as per your needs. But he would also see to it that your new purchase is shipped after due clearance and with full compliance of all guidelines. The authorities wouldnӴ be too happy if they find some important document missing. For instance, you must be able to flash evidence of the sale being a genuine one, and not a fraudulent one or one arising from some forgery. Then there are duties & taxes which may also be imposed depending on the carӳ value.

For a used car, of course, you would get certain advantages since the tax is negligible and there are many other benefits you can get. But sitting back at home, you would find it impossible to manage a car export Nigeria unless you have hired the services of a capable dealer, agent or shipper.

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