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Do you wish to import a Classic Auto to the Netherlands?

If you wish to find out how to import a classic car into the Netherlands, it is best to go to the best source available. If you are planning to bring a motorcycle or cars from USA to the Netherlands, it does not matter whether you are importing it from a non-EU or an EU country. This information is available on the Netherlands’ government’s embassy web site However, you have to obtain a permit to be able to bring the car into the country tax-free.

You will have to declare your vehicle to the Customs authorities if you are importing a classic auto into the Netherlands. If you are a car exporter, you can handle this task yourself by contacting or visiting the Customs office, or you can take a shipping-services company’s help. The Netherlands has rather strict registration requirements and also a road tax. Your insurance has to be up to date and in good order.

The RDW, and its Vehicle Technology and Information Center needs to be contacted if you are importing, buying or selling a vehicle. The quality of all trucks, cars and motorcycles in the country is monitored by this agency. If you are planning to import a classic auto to the Netherlands, this is a good starting point. It used to be a part of the Netherlands government, but it is now an independent agency. Most people who buy and plan to bring a classic vehicle to the Netherlands, know that the vehicles and their owners are tracked closely.

However, you need not be intimated by the process since plenty of classic cars have been bought in other countries and imported to the Netherlands. An experienced freight company or shipping-service company will have all the information you need, since it is highly likely that they have assisted other people import car in to the Netherlands.

The following are the standard details you will have to take care of:

  • All license and registration information should be in place prior to the vehicle being shipped
  • The necessary insurance for the vehicle and for liability
  • Customs have to be cleared at both the ports
  • The driver’s identification and license for the receiving driver or person
  • If required, the necessary arrangements for land transportation and storage

The RDW agency’s headquarters are at Zoetermeer, but they also have some regional offices and stations in the country. If you have decided to export car from usa and import it into the Netherlands, remember that even with the requirements that have been mentioned, the government does try to make the country look attractive for commerce and business. The country introduced a new system of tax in 2001; this may or may not be applicable to the import of a classic vehicle. But be sure you understand all the necessary tax regulations if you are planning to sell the vehicles after you have imported them.

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