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Car Buying Tips - How to Stay Away from misleading Car Ads

Sensible buying tips and techniques to read car ads

It is common knowledge that most advertisements are misleading to a certain extent, but does that mean that we should completely ignore all that we read in a car advertisement? At times, we can end up getting positive results. All we need is to know how to read between the lines and infer them properly. Make note of even the smallest prints on the advertisement.

Following are a few techniques used by Car dealers to mislead people

If you come across the phrase “One only at this price”, then keep in mind that they are selling those cars off at a lower price as they aren’t sold because of their ugly color or some other reason. It is a tactic to draw customers to the dealership, as after reading the ad, people generally think there may be other nice cars available at that price too.

Less monthly payments - When an ad promises an unbelievably low monthly payment, don’t wonder if it is actually true, but scroll down to the bottom of the page, and read the small prints properly. In order to avail less monthly payment, the down payment that you will require to pay is huge. You can actually choose the lowest possible monthly payment, but you will have to compensate it with a proportionately high down payment.

Look for the following when you go for a car ad

In case you are wondering how to benefit from a car ad, you can look for the following -

If you are planning to ship a car to Russia, be prepared to pay a minimum of twenty five percent in taxes in the form of import tax. The rules of the country demand this payment to be made at the customs clearance point. Apart form this you would also need to pay the Value Added Tax, popularly known as VAT, and it is applicable to the new cars import to the country. The VAT amount should sum up to about twenty percent value.Rebates - At times, to speed up the sale of cars, auto manufacturers offer incentives and rebates on vehicles whose sale is slow. You can reap profit from this.

Don’t over look sales tax - Most car ads don’t include the sales tax when they mention the low monthly payments. This is generally mentioned in small prints somewhere down as “Plus tax and license fees”. Find out your sales tax, and add it to the monthly payment to calculate the total payment you will have to pay every month.

The length of the loan period is a major decisive factor The monthly payment mentioned there may appear low, but if it is stretched to 60 months instead of 36 months, you actually end up paying much more than you think you are paying.

The interest rate which the dealers offer is generally much lower than what the banks offer, as they avail these through manufacturers. You can save several hundred dollars on your overall loan by taking it from the dealers.

After reading the tiny prints, you may find out that certain models of chosen models offer higher savings. You can choose accordingly.

A dealership is legally bound to sell you a car at the price they have advertised it for. That’s the reason why advertised cars are generally parked at the back, so that buyers can’t see that. You can get a fantastic deal however, if you insist them to show you those cars. Tell them that they may have to deal with your attorney if they refuse to sell you the advertised car.

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