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Cambodia Import Duty Rules - Import Cars from the USA

If you are planning to export cars from USA, then this shall be a costly process as well as elusive. There are certain things which you need to know before importing vehicles to Cambodia. Most importantly the shipping prices should be fair enough and trouble free.

Kampong Chnang, Siemreab, Phnom Penh are few among the main ports of the Cambodian cities, where you can ship your cars. When it comes to the basic required documents, one must have Registration Certificate, which must show both engine and chassis numbers. There must be a Commercial Invoice holding proof of value and Ownership proof.

Any car you import from the USA, irrespective of new or already Used Car, you need to pay Import Duty and Taxes to the Government. Custom Duty has to be paid to the Custom Department, in any case of exit or entry.

Importers need to provide the Customs Department with the proper invoice, lading bill and list of packing for the all the shipments. The Import Duty payable to the department varies depending on the items that are imported.

In case of importing cars from the USA, there are three categories according to which, you must pay the duties. For instance, if it is cars over 3000cc then the duty amount payable will be 120%. For Import cars between 2000 and 3000cc you have to pay 90% of the Duty. Whereas 40% duty is the most affordable charges when compared to others and this is collectable for the cars which are under 2000cc.

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