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Things to look out for while buying a new car

When buying a car the most cost-effective thing that a car buyer can do is keep the car with him forever. In terms of investment buying a car is not a good idea as the money spent cannot be regained nor does it remains in good desirable condition.

In accordance with the Automotive Lease Guide, when a car that is five years old is resold, only 28.5 percent of its value can be realized.

Cruise Control: People who buy old cars always prefer to go for one which has cruise control, as any car that does not have it is considered to be out of date. These days due to the latest technology cruise control works life long.

Power Window: is one of the norms of a standard car.

Power locks: Every new model of cars these days has power locks and cars that do not have such features cannot stand to compete with other new model cars that come each year.

Air conditioning: Any feature that is added by the owner depends upon his need, but air-conditioning is something which cannot be substituted and the better the air conditioner is, the better its appreciation value becomes.

Power seats: Due to this feature memory settings can be done which allow your partner to change it according to his / her preference through touch buttons.

CD changer: A normal audio system does not have much value but a multiple-CD changer as well as MP3 is great in terms of value.

Automatic transmission and tilt steering along with alloy wheels makes the car look very decorative when compared with normal tyres and wheel covers.

Features that may depreciate fast or slow are:

Antilock brakes: will be a necessity for all cars of 2012.

Engine upgrade: In cars that have cylinder upgradation facility, the depreciation value is less

Moonroof: A car that has moon roof has much better value than an ordinary car.

Leather seats: Though nothing can be guaranteed about leather upholstery, if the seats are in good condition than it is an asset.

Third- row seat: If a car has third row seats than its value is more

Premium stereo: A multi CD changer has much more value than an average car audio.

Features in a car that have very little value are:

Rear entertainment system: is a modern feature present in cars due to the change in technology; everyday the things that are new today get old the very next day.

Navigation systems: if not upgraded with the current, it gets outdated. Nowadays portable navigators are available which can be transferred from one car to the other and are also not highly priced.

Sport packages: The BMW is a sports car with every facility. The value of the car is in the hands of the handler. If the driver handles it roughly its value goes down.

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