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Buying a new car from US and importing it to Belgium will be subject to normal customs and taxes. But if the car has been used previously in US, it may have some exemptions. In that case the certificate of title, insurance policy all of US have to be produced. Prof of address change from US to Belgium will also be needed. Along with all these documents the importer will have to submit his declaration to the customs of Belgium. Permanent clearance can be obtained following similar procedure.

Now, to get the car registered with Belgium the imported car has to undergo a number of steps. First, a certificate of conformity has to be attained. Next, the car will undergo a technical inspection. Then, it has to subscribe to an insurance policy.

Technical inspections do play a significant role in car import. It is this inspection that confirms that the imported car will not create any environmental nuisance in Belgium. Nor the driver of Belgium will find it difficult. This inspection will ensure that the car has been manufactured keeping in mind the traffic rules practiced in Belgium and the import will create no problem at Belgium. The Belgium government mandates the use of sealed fire extinguisher in a car. Without these specifications, an imported car will not be considered legal in Belgium.

Belgium government specifies that all vehicles driven on Belgium roads must insure from a Belgium based insurance company. The owner of the car will be given a green card from the insurance company known as international motor insurance card. This is another document that proves that the imported car is in compliance with all rules and regulations of Belgium.

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