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Situated at Eastern Europe, Azerbijan almost follows all the import rules and customs which are in practice in European Union.

In Azerbijan there is the provision for temporary import. This import is almost free. The charge amounts to be only 0.2% of CIF value. But temporary import is bound by time limit and when the time is over, the car has to be exported out of Azerbaijan. If you want to import permanently then your car will be subject to normal tax and customs tariff.

The importer has to remember that without paying full customs duty and VAT, temporary imported cars and motorcycles can not be sold. One can keep his temporarily imported car in Azerbijan maximum up to two years. It is only the diplomats who can import without any duty. The import duties are charged on the basis of CIF (cost, insurance, freight). Before import, be it temporary or permanent, customs declaration has to be issued.

Not only the customs regulation, importers of foreign cars of Azerbaijan must remember that the import should also go well with the environmental norms and driving norms of the place. This explains why importation of vehicles with tanned glasses is not allowed in Azerbaijan. Similarly importation of right hand drive vehicles is prohibited.

The entire process of a foreign car arriving at Azerbaijian involves a number of steps. As in any other country, import of cars from US to Azerbaijian needs a number of documents to support the legal transaction. These documents include pro forma invoice and the original vehicle title.

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