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There is a huge native demand for used automobile parts and used cars in USA and Canada. The demand has become more intense owing to rising price of new vehicles. Buying a vehicle is not a onetime investment. The buyer has to spend a lot more on maintenance and insurance. Rising oil prices have also increased the financial burden of automobile users worldwide. Even in developed nations like US and UK, the ratio of used car buyers have been raising in comparison to new car buyers. And as far as less developed nations of Europe and Asia are concerned the situation is far intense. Every year thousands of used cars, trucks, vans and motorbikes are shipped from USA to nations like India, China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia etc. People are finding this option more feasible than direct auction sales from local markets. There are many reasons that have led to the growth of imported used auto cars market. Quality and safety is one of the prime factors that have prompted so many nations to depend on imported used cars. When it comes to used auto or auto parts business, the safety standards followed by US states are quite strict and foolproof compared to lesser developed nations of Asia and Europe. The demand has also generated a fair balance between price and overall sale value.

Development of internet car market has definitely helped used car dealers in fetching lot of quality buyers. Online auctions and dealers have promoted auto export and import industry over the past few years.

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