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Auto import export to Dubai- The secrets to handling the procedure of shipping cars to Dubai

Shipping cars is a major task and needs a lot of paperwork and dealing with governmental norms. Besides there are special rules for particular cars and a lot depends on factors that may not even occur to be worthy of any importance to you in the first place, such as matters concerning the age of the car, or whether it is old or new, etc.

It always helps to be well aware of the duties you are expected to pay while shipping cars, so you do not get stuck in the middle of the shipping process. Do your homework well in advance before the whole shipping procedure kicks off so that things don’t go haywire when your car is in the middle of no where. Not only is it harassing to handle issues such as international laws in these matters, it can prove to be extremely expensive too.

The car shipping procedure to be followed while shipping cars to Dubai

The very first step of the procedure involves a lot of car evaluation. This is done by the officers in charge of the duty of expert evaluation at the customs. They would determine the value of the car at its exact price to help you calculate the amount of tax that you must pay on the car while shipping it into the country.

The percentage values are fixed beforehand and thus the final money that you would have to pay depends on the value determined by these officials. Once this is done, you can easily get local license for the car. For this license of the car you would need to make an application, and attach the required documents along with your application letter. This application is to be made with the Dubai Traffic Police. Find out all about the road rules and laws of Dubai to make sure that your car follows all the requirements expected to be fulfilled by a Dubai car.

Documents needed

Some of the most vital documents that you need to keep handy and get are the original trade documentations relating to the car to be shipped. The car delivery order is to be obtained and produced all at places demanded. You would also need to obtain NOC which stands of No objection Certificate. This is issued by the officials that work with the Dubai government. Keep these documents safe and in originals, since they might like to verify the validity of your documents in various stages of shipment.

Customs and duties payable while shipping cars to Dubai

While shipping a car to Dubai you have to be prepared to pay customs for every entry bill that is passed. This is to be paid apart form the usual car duties that have to be paid while shipping an imported car into the country. Find out all about the percentage of charge applicable for your car. Also, it may help to check if there is any way in which you can avail any tax benefits from the country by providing certain documents or by fulfilling certain specific rules.

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