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Importing vehicles to Armenia has always been a trouble to the importers because the duty rate is quite high. The main cities that allow the import include, Abovian, Alaverdi, Gyumri, Vamadzor and Yerevan. People often import US vehicles up to Georgia as the customs there is quite considerable. From Georgia the car is driven on road.

There is the facility of temporary import. The tax rate for permanent import is too high. It is for this reason that the Armenian government is thinking to do away with the provision for the temporary import. It is observed that almost all cars imported to Armenia are shown as temporary import, therefore depriving the government of its due duties. The number of temporary import is just shooting up. On the other hand there is almost nothing in the provision of permanent import.

So, in temporary import the taxes are exempted. Sale of temporary imported vehicles is not allowed. To sell them, one has to pay the full duty and the VAT. After the time period of the temporary import is over the car has to be exported out.

The required documents for this import to Armenia include the purchase invoice, car title and a certificate that the auto meets technical specifications.

For permanent import one has to shell out more than 32% as tax on the CIF value, whereas for temporary import one has to give only $83. Since, now the government is thinking to abolish the temporary import provision, the importers have to go for full payment or sell the car in Georgia.

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