American Cars Export: Used Car By Private Sellers And Is Much Better To Get A Car From A Dealer -Auction Export

Are private sellers ideal sources of used American cars for export?

When you are looking for an old car, then you have a few options at your disposal. Many people say that in order to get the best price, you should buy from a private seller. A private seller is the original owner of the car and will thereby pass of his asset to you in exchange for a small pre-decided sum. The cost is likely to be lower since there is no middleman involved in the process. So, it all looks happy & smiley! However, the cost should not be the only criterion for making a judgment when it comes to used cars.

There are considerations like the carӳ mobility, reliability and brand worth. You just cannot agree to everything which the private seller tells you. How would you know if his car is really as good as he is raving about? It is imperative that you look for an expert opinion. Besides, what about factors like shipping & export? Most people buy used American cars for export. Your private seller may wash his hands off the affair when it comes to shipping! You will need to carry out the export on your own which can be a very difficult and costly task, since you are sitting back in your own country!

In order to counter these challenges, you would need to hire the services of a shipper which would escalate your cost significantly. Thus, the whole profit you got while buying from the private seller gets nullified. In hindsight, it would be much better to get the car from a dealer. He would not just sell you a top-class, properly checked (& repaired) vehicle but will also offer free services of used American cars for export.

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