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Advantages of buying used Toyota cars over new ones

Toyota is a reputed brand in the world of automobiles. If you have a brand fetish, then it must surely be in your wish list. When you are looking to buy a Toyota car, then there are two ways you can go about it. You can either opt for a brand new car or go for used Toyota cars.

While a new one may elevate your prestige a lot more, but it comes at a high sticker price. The advantages of buying used Toyota cars are many. Here is a quick look:

  • Very low price: Prices fall significantly when you opt for a used car. It is no surprise that the prices are slashed heavily so that old and owned cars can be sold on second hand basis to fresh customers. This is a serious advantage which is enjoyed by the buyers.
  • Low taxes: The taxes imposed for new models are very high. And if you are planning to ship or transport the car to a different country, then your duties would be very steep. In contrast, an old car doesnӴ come with any high tax. Sometimes, the tax rate is down to zero.
  • Low running cost: An old car may not be as fuel efficient as a new one. But it certainly gives you maintenance advantages. It depreciates at a lower rate and the road taxes are insignificant. Besides, in case of any serious damage, your losses are low. In the same context, it can be said that used Toyota cars require you to shell out less money for taking insurance.

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